Artificial Turf: Uses, Maintenance, And Cons

25 April 2023
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Artificial turf looks like natural grass even though it's made from synthetic fibers. It's often used in sports areas, but it is also a good alternative to residential and commercial lawns. With proper maintenance, artificial turf lasts for decades and may be a good choice for your needs. But when is artificial turf a good choice and how easy is it to maintain?

Best Uses Of Artificial Grass

Other than sports stadiums and commercial uses, homeowners can also make good use of artificial grass. This turf also allows you to get creative when using it around your home and garden. A screened-in porch is a perfect place to use this soft grass alternative. It gives the area the look and feel of the outdoors. Your family can enjoy the grassy feel in any weather. Other great ideas include balconies, walkways, pet areas, and backyard play areas. 

Keep in mind that artificial turf can't lay directly on existing dirt or grass. Installation requires an area where you place a base. A base area provides proper drainage and keeps the turf lying flat.

Artificial Turf Does Require Maintenance

Artificial grass is easier to care for than you might think. You can easily hose off the synthetic material and spot-clean it as needed. Plus, there's no mowing or traditional lawn maintenance. It's best to periodically brush your artificial turf. This prevents matting and helps the fibers remain upright. Regular brushing ensures the fibers don't lie flat and instead stand upright and fluffy.

Improper artificial turf maintenance leaves your turf susceptible to mold and mildew, especially in warm, moist environments. If this occurs, clean the turf with a safe fungicide. Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective fungicide that kills mold and mold spores.

Artificial Turf Care With Pets

Artificial turf is very durable, so pets are unlikely to destroy or kill the synthetic lawn. While it's pretty durable, it's important to ensure your lawn is protected from animal accidents. Picking up waste or rinsing out urine immediately is the best way to keep your turf looking its best. Vinegar diluted with water makes an excellent rinse to clean away odors.

Artificial Turf Does Have Its Cons 

While artificial turf is durable and beautiful, it does have some cons. It can overheat in very hot weather making it impossible to walk on. The other con is installation costs. While the initial cost is high, artificial turf is long-lasting and may be worth your investment.

Contact a local service provider to learn more about artificial turf maintenance.