Having A New Well Drilled On Your Property? How To Get Prepared

13 February 2023
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If you are getting a new well drilled on your property, there are many things you must do to get prepared. This will make things go much easier for the well drilling company. Keep reading for two tips to be sure you are ready. 

Clear Out Vegetation

The contractor will come to your home and choose the spot to drill the new well. Once they do this, you need to make sure all vegetation is cleared out. This means removing any plants, grass, etc. If you have a lot of plants and/or flowers in the area, hire a landscape contractor to help you move them to another area of your yard. This will ensure your plants and flowers stay healthy and continue growing for you. 

You also need to remove bushes that may be near the area, which a landscaping contractor can also help you with. If there are trees near the drilling site, hire a tree trimming service to remove the trees for you. Not only will they get in the way, but some tree roots will spread far enough to infiltrate the well and cause damage. 

Give Them Access

If there is nowhere for the drilling truck to get on your property you need to create a road for them to gain access. Most drills are not placed at the edge of properties but instead further onto a yard or other area. They have equipment that needs to be transported to the site. Much of this equipment is large and will need a lot of room.

You do not have to install a new road but need to make sure there is a clear path for them to drive onto the property. Clear out all objects and vegetation you do not want to be damaged. If you have sprinklers or a drainage system installed underground, consider making the access around these things so you do not damage them. 

When you create the access area, mark it with colorful posts or flags so the drilling company can easily see where they need to enter the property. If you create this access well in advance of the drilling well coming, put a sign that people should not use this access to get onto your property. 

The well drilling company will ensure they get the required permits before they start drilling. They will also give you more tips on getting your property ready for them to start the drilling. 

Contact a local well drilling service to learn more.