Transition Away From A Lawn With Landscaping Services

17 June 2022
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As a homeowner, you may enjoy working on projects to improve the property over time. Working on the landscape is something you may be interested in doing next. The landscape project you may feel committed to is transitioning away from the traditional lawn. 

While you can remove the grass and enjoy a lawn-free property, you might want to add other features to fill in space and make the area more appealing. Hiring landscapers is worthwhile because they can help remove the whole lawn and work on all the new additions.

Dry Creek Bed

Adding decorative features that make your landscape more attractive is a great idea. However, you can add this kind of feature while also improving functionality. A dry creek bed is a perfect example because it creates a place for rainwater to go to reduce the chance of flooding.

When planning this feature, you can decide on all the important details, including the location, shape, and rocks. For instance, you might love how red rocks look, so you can create a dry creek bed with red rocks along the bottom to satisfy your visual preferences.

Mulch Beds

After removing grass, you will have plenty of room to add mulch beds in multiple places. These beds are perfect spaces to grow bushes, flowers, and shrubs. Using organic or inorganic mulch will help keep the plants healthy by preventing weeds from growing nearby.

Organic mulch will decompose over time and improve the soil quality for plants. This mulch type requires you to replace decomposed mulch over time. Inorganic mulch does not require much upkeep, but it will not directly impact improving your plants' health.

Both mulches work great for mulch beds and replacing a traditional lawn. Landscapers can help you learn about your options to determine the best pick for your wants and needs.


A water feature can provide a ton of benefits for your family to enjoy. In addition, you can look forward to benefiting the local ecosystem by giving birds and wild animals water to drink.

Raising a family makes a pond an even better choice because your kids may enjoy watching all the birds and wild animals that visit the pond. Another option is designing the pond in a way that you can add fish, which your children may enjoy feeding and watering regularly.

Move away from a standard lawn by working with landscapers on these projects. Reach out to a local landscape contractor, such as Carpenter Costin Tree and Landscape, to learn more.