5 Tips To Turn Your Backyard Into A Forest Garden

7 June 2022
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In nature, forests have a calming, relaxing effect on most people. Would you like to bring that sense of natural refreshment to your backyard? Then why not bring the forest to your own home? Here are five tips to craft a forest landscape in any size or shape backyard. 

1. Be Cautions With Trees

Multiple trees are the key element of any forest landscape, but they call for careful planning and care. Planting trees in the wrong locations could result in an overly-shaded yard, roots expanding into structural foundations, falling risks, and more. So consult about tree choice, location, size, and future maintenance. 

2. Keep It Casual

Complement your trees with a rustic, casual look all around. This means little or no symmetry or formality. Avoid sharp angles and straight lines. Use curves, gentle elevation changes, and sudden surprises. And when adding hardscape, look for rustic pieces and unique, handmade elements. 

3. Use the Rule of Threes

One of the easiest ways to create an organic look to many landscape elements is to follow the rule of threes. This rule of thumb states that you should place or plant items in multiples of three. Having three boulders in a rock grouping or nine shrubs placed randomly around a few trees helps keep things from appearing too well-structured. For variety, you may also include some things in different odd numbers. 

4. Make It Walkable

While your forest yard should be beautiful to enjoy from the house's windows or the patio, it should also invite people to walk into it. A rustic forest pathway is the best way to achieve this. Let it lead visitors around the forest, highlighting small surprises and interesting features along the way. If your yard is large enough, branch off pathways from the main one or add a destination for relaxation in the yard itself. 

5. Have Fun and Experiment

A forest setting invites homeowners to have fun and play with their plantings and hardscape features. Find rocks you enjoy while on vacation? Bring them home and integrate them. Want a water feature? Build a stream or pond. See a strange plant at the nursery? This is the perfect setting to plant it by itself and let visitors stumble upon it. 

Where to Start

Ready to turn your backyard into a lush, relaxing forest? Start by meeting with a landscaping service in your area. As you draw upon their expertise in things like tree choice, pathway design, and blending multiple landscape features, your vision will start to take shape. Call today for an appointment. 

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