Increase Privacy In The Front Yard With Landscape Additions

24 May 2022
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Buying a home often involves making a priority list and getting your most important features and qualities to satisfy your family. As a result, you might miss out on certain things that you would like to have but that you can get with additions, changes, or upgrades over time.

An excellent example is increasing privacy in your front yard. You may feel like your house and front yard are too exposed to all the surroundings. Hiring a residential landscaping company to work on several landscape additions can give you the privacy boost you desire.

Low Canopy Tree

Most tree trunks can provide some privacy, especially large ones. However, the tree trunk alone will not block enough outside vision to make the space feel private. There is hope in growing a tree with a low canopy in which the branches and leaves provide ample privacy.

A low canopy tree is especially useful in a neighborhood with primarily multistory homes because it will prevent neighbors from seeing through their second-story windows. This kind of tree can also add privacy inside for windows facing the front yard on the first and second floors.

Privacy Hedges

One of the most practical additions is privacy hedges throughout the front yard. These hedges work well because you can line them along the front yard perimeter. The privacy hedge you choose will determine the max height, greatly impacting how much privacy you receive.

A tall privacy hedge is a perfect option when you are interested in maximizing privacy, even at the cost of seeing outside to the sidewalk, street, and neighboring homes.

Perimeter privacy hedges may give you enough confidence and privacy to let your children and pets out into the front yard without supervision.

Tall Bushes

While privacy hedges are great at blocking vision to your front yard, you can make it harder for people to see through the front windows with tall bushes. An excellent place to plant these bushes is in front of the windows. Some bushes may grow taller than first-floor windows, so you want to determine how much privacy you are interested in getting while inside the house.

Landscaping professionals can teach you about various native bushes that are easy to care for and guarantee to provide privacy.

Hiring landscapers—such as Stephenson's Landscaping—to work on these projects is your best bet for getting privacy in the front yard. Using specific strategies can even provide privacy for front-facing windows.