4 Tips For Enhancing The Commercial Landscaping Around Your Business

14 April 2022
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When it comes to your commercial business, the outside of your business makes a big impression on people. The way you landscape your building has an impact on how customers and clients view your business. Here are a few commercial hardscaping and landscaping ideas to enhance the appearance of your commercial property.

Create An Appealing Entrance

With a commercial building, you are going to want to start with the entrance to your space. You want the entrance to your space to be eye-catching. You can achieve this by creating your company's name near the entrance with flours or plants, and spelling it out. This can be a great way to catch people's attention. You can add appealing greenery around your entrance, and ensure that the walkway to your entrance is easy to navigate and well constructed. 

Add Fountains and Statues

Another way to add interest to your commercial landscaping is by adding fountains and statues to your space. People really like fountains, especially ones that move water. Moving water is healing and relaxing, and can attract people to the outside of your building. 

When it comes to choosing statues, you need to think about what your business is about. You want to choose statues that are visually appealing and look nice, but at the same time, align with your company's mission and vision. You want to compliment any fountains and statues you add to your landscaping to also work with the plant life around your space as well. 

Install Stone Pathways & Benches

Next, you can add hardscaping by adding stone pathways. Stone pathways make it easier to navigate around your landscaping. It makes it easier for visitors to get to your fountains and statues, and sit on any benches that you install as well. If you want people to enjoy your landscaping, you are going to need to add stone pathways throughout your outdoor design. Benches allow people to enjoy your beautiful landscaping and give people a chance to relax and reflect. 

Add Lighting 

Finally, be sure to add lighting as well. You need to add lights so that people can easily navigate your pathways no matter how much or how little sunlight is outside. You need lights to highlight your fountains and statues. You want them to stand out, not just now, but all the time. 

If you want your landscaping to stand out, add some hardscaping elements, such as fountains, statues, stone pathways, and benches. Add lights to highlight all your beautiful work. Make your entrance inviting and welcoming. Creating a commercial outdoor space that makes customers and clients feel great will help improve your business.

For more info on commercial hardscaping installation, contact a professional near you.