Need a Greener Lawn? 3 Lawn Maintenance Tricks to Help You Achieve It

18 March 2022
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Maintaining a healthy lawn shouldn't be arduous, but it definitely requires commitment and knowledge. It's usually hard to have a thick, healthy lawn without proper maintenance tricks. Some of the lawn maintenance tricks are often ignored, but they have a huge impact on the appearance and health of your lawn. So if you want to revive your lawn, you need to know the weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance tricks you should use. Lawn maintenance practices vary depending on the season, grass type, and climate, among other aspects. However, anyone who wants to maintain a greener lawn should prioritize the following maintenance tips.

Feed the Lawn Well

Fertilizers will help you maintain a healthy and greener lawn, but you must apply the correct ones. A healthy lawn is a great investment because it controls allergens, cools the environment, and prevents erosion. Usually, the type of fertilizer you apply depends on the lawn's demands. However, you should always carry out a soil test to know the kind of nutrients the lawn needs and the amount of fertilizer to apply. Fertilizers rich in nitrogen help the lawn grass stay healthy and green-up. Phosphorous fertilizer is also critical in enhancing growth.

Use the Right Pesticides and Herbicides

Your lawn has many enemies, and pests and insects are perhaps the main ones. And although you should use pesticides to kill them, you should use them judiciously. Using the wrong pesticides and herbicides can cause a lot of problems to your lawn. If weeds often invade your lawn, find out why it could be happening. You may experience consistent weed problems if the soil conditions of your lawn are poor. Moist areas, high pH, poor drainage, low mowing, and compacted soil could cause weed and pest problems in your lawn. However, using the right pesticides and herbicides will help you keep weeds and insects away and boost your lawn's health.

Water It Properly

Proper watering is critical if you want to maintain a healthy lawn. This maintenance practice may seem simple, but it can be problematic when done wrongly. Overwatering is a bad practice, and you should avoid it because it may cause pest infestations and fungal diseases to your lawn. Under-watering is also a big problem because it affects the growth and quality of your lawn grass. Although you should sometimes water the lawn during winter, you shouldn't water it as much. On the other hand, you may need to water it several times a week during the hot season. In short, you should water the lawn appropriately no matter the season of the year.