New Construction Landscaping Installations to Create Better Outdoor Spaces

23 June 2021
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The design of landscaping can be much easier when it is done during the construction process. This will give you an opportunity to choose the right features for outdoor spaces, plan for future projects and create a durable landscape for your property. The following new landscaping installation information will help you create better outdoor spaces for your home before you move in:

Drainage and Soil Erosion

The drainage of your landscaping is one of the most important things to consider. Sometimes, there may be problems with watersheds and areas where you can have problems with water. Therefore, you might want to ask your landscaping contractor about installing a permanent drainage system that will help prevent problems with the watershed around your home. In addition, you may need to work with them for soil stabilization and erosion control system designs to help improve the landscaping around your home.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

The irrigation of lawns and plants is important and will be needed even if you have artificial turf installed. Today, there are options for more efficient landscaping irrigation systems that can be installed during the construction of your home. These can be systems that use drip irrigation and soaker hoses beneath lawns to provide efficient watering solutions. In addition, you may want to add basins for rain collection to provide resources for landscaping irrigation.

Hardscaping and Outdoor Spaces

Hardscaping is another area where you will want to do some planning when installing the new construction landscaping. Some of the hardscaping may be practical, like installing retaining walls to change elevations and improve the watershed. You may also want to add hardscaping for features like paths, patios, and outdoor living space areas. You can even have features like outdoor fireplaces built into your landscaping design for outdoor living space.

Plants and Turf for New Landscaping

The landscaping is going to need the finishing touches and to finally be planted. When you are installing new landscaping, there are several options to consider for the turf, including sod, seeding, or artificial turf. Sod and artificial grass are the quickest solutions. If you seed your lawn during construction, it will need time to become established but can give you options for hardy grasses and a healthier lawn. There are also options for trees and shrubs that can be added to your landscaping when it is being finished.

Planning Landscaping Around Future Projects

There are also future projects that you want to plan for during your landscaping installation. These can be projects like future pool installations or additional structures like pavilions for an outdoor kitchen and dining space. Therefore, you want to leave the space you need for these projects and have the initial plan designed to make completing them in the future easier.

The installation of landscaping can be a great opportunity to create outdoor spaces and plan for future projects. Contact a new construction installation service to discuss these options when you are ready to finish up your home.