3 Tips For Controlling Weeds

13 April 2021
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Weeds are something that many people strive to keep out of their lawns and landscaping. Often, weeds are aggressive invasive species that, when not removed, will crowd out the plants that you want in your landscaping. This is why weed control is an essential part of landscape maintenance. The best methods for controlling weeds will depend on the kind of weeds you are dealing with in your landscape. Here are three tips for keeping the weeds at bay.

Use Mulch Where You Can

Prevention is one of the best methods of weed control. Using mulch where you can in your landscaping is a fantastic way to prevent weeds from taking root where you don't want them. Since mulch covers your soil, it makes it much harder for weed seeds to germinate, stopping their growth in the first place. Mulch is an excellent barrier to weeds. If you go with organic mulch, it can also add nutrients to the soil, which will benefit the plants you want to grow in that area. 

Use A Weed Control Service

If weeds are growing out of control on your property and you are having trouble keeping up, using a weed control service may be your best bet. A weed control service will use various methods to remove weeds from your lawn and landscaping. Weed control services combine different weed removal methods like hand-pulling, herbicide, and fertilization to get rid of weeds and allow your grass and plants to flourish. On average, hiring a weed control service will set you back between $65 and $150. If you have a large lawn or a significant weed problem, your costs may be higher.

Weed When You Can

Another way to control weeds is to take the time to weed when you can, meaning if you see them, pull them. Being consistent with weed pulling can help keep your landscaping as weed-free as possible. The most important thing is to remember to get the roots when you pull up a weed. Weed removal is also much easier when the soil is moist. Pulling weeds after rain or after you water your lawn is an excellent strategy. Keeping weed-removing tools on hand can also make this task easier.

If you are dealing with weeds sprouting up throughout your landscape, there are a few weed control tips that can help. First, using mulch where you can in your landscaping is a fantastic way to prevent weeds from taking hold. Next, a weed control service can be invaluable, especially if you have many weeds growing. Finally, consistency is key. If you weed when you can, you'll notice a significant reduction in weeds in your landscape.