Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

1 February 2021
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Cutting your property's grass is one of the most routine types of lawn care that you will have to do. However, it is still possible for individuals to regularly make mistakes when doing this work despite it being a task that they have done for years. In particular, there are some common mistakes that homeowners will be guilty of making with their mowing efforts.

Cutting The Grass Too Low

When you are cutting the grass, you will want to be sure to avoid cutting it too short. This can deprive the grass of nutrients and energy as this occurs in the blades of the grass. The ideal length that you should cut your grass will vary on the type of lawn that you have. For example, some types of grass may thrive with being a half-inch tall, but other types of grass may need to be closer to an inch in length.

Using The Same Pattern When Cutting Grass

During the process of cutting the grass with the mower, you may be tempted to take the same path across the lawn each time that you mow it. However, this may not be an advisable option given that it can actually cause the grass to become thinner in some spots. To avoid this so that your grass will stay as full as possible, you should take your lawnmower over a different path each time that you mow the lawn. This may seem unnecessary, but homeowners will likely find that their lawn starts to thin in some areas after a few weeks of mowing it along the same path.

Leave The Clippings On The Lawn

It is common for some individuals to assume that they will always need to remove the grass clippings from the lawn after they are finished mowing it. For some homeowners, this may be a rule that their homeowner's association enforces. However, it can actually be bad for the lawn as the decaying clippings will return nutrients to the soil. For this reason, you should attempt to leave the clippings on the lawn whenever possible. If you are concerned about the aesthetics that this will create, the clippings will decompose in a matter of days. While this can be highly beneficial for the lawn, you will want to make sure that the clippings are spread around fairly evenly. Leaving large clumps of grass clippings could actually harm the grass under the clippings by smothering it.

Proper residential lawn mowing can make a big difference in your landscaping. Use the above tips to make sure you are mowing your lawn correctly.