Storm Damage And Emergency Tree Removal To Deal With Hazards Around Your Home

24 September 2020
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If a storm has recently caused damage to your property, some of the hazards that you may have to deal with could include trees. Therefore, you may need help dealing with tree removal to make it safe to begin cleaning up and repairing your home. The following storm damage and emergency tree removal information will help you deal with these problems after a storm:

  • Make sure utilities are turned off—You are going to want to start dealing with the tree damage by making sure trees are not in contact with utility lines. The utilities can be touching moist branches of trees, which can cause electrical hazards. Therefore, you want to make sure the area is clear, and you should stay away from these hazards until a utility service can turn off and repair the lines.
  • Staying clear of tree debris hazards—Make sure to stay clear of tree debris that can be hazardous. If you see trees that have heavy branches that are cracked or weakened, you will want to steer clear of these areas. You will also want to watch for debris on the ground and hazards. If there are heavy tree debris and branches hanging by a thread in tree canopies or structures—use caution tape or some sort of barricade to isolate the danger and keep people away.
  • Structural hazards and temporary support—There are also structural hazards that you need to be aware of if trees or their branches have fallen on your home. If there is obvious structural damage, you want to stay away from the area beneath the damage. Temporary timber supports can be added to support the weight of the tree while you wait for the help of an emergency tree removal service.
  • Call an emergency tree service for help with removals—There are a lot of the tree hazards that you want to watch out for and should be dealt with by professionals. Make sure the utilities are turned off, and the hazards are clearly marked before calling an emergency tree removal service for help. These tree service professionals have the experience and equipment to deal with hazards due to trees that have been damaged during storms.

Dealing with trees after a storm is important to ensure your property is safe to begin cleaning up the damage. If you need help with tree hazards after a storm, contact an emergency tree removal service to deal with these problems to begin safely repairing your home.