Reasons To Arrange Pay-Per-Visit Snow Removal

25 March 2020
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When it comes to booking a snow removal service for the winter, a lot of homeowners favor the simplicity of paying by the season. Knowing that you can pay one rate and feel confident that the service will keep your driveway cleared from the first snowfall to the last can give you a significant amount of peace of mind. This isn't the only way to approach hiring a snow removal service, though. Another option is to arrange for pay-per-visit. This means that each time you want your driveway cleared, you simply call the service, make your request, and then pay once the work is complete. Here are some reasons that you might want to arrange pay-per-visit snow removal.

You Occasionally Want To Shovel

While there are plenty of people who would be happy to never lift a snow shovel again in their lives, this isn't the case for everyone. You might enjoy shoveling to some degree — but not want to clear your driveway after each snowfall over the entire winter. Choosing pay-per-visit snow removal allows you to be selective about when you do the work yourself and when you ask for help. For example, on a bright and sunny day after a snowfall, you might opt to shovel your driveway. Conversely, when it's cold and windy, professional snow removal will be the way to go.

You Don't Mind Some Snow Underfoot

There are some homeowners who always want their driveways to be pristine. These are the types of people who will go out to shovel even when it's only snowed a fraction of an inch. You might not belong to this group, however. Perhaps you don't mind the idea of a bit of snow underfoot, or maybe you even like how your driveway looks when it has a light blanket of snow on it. Instead of your snow removal professional showing up each time it snows, you might opt to hire the service only when the snow is deep enough that it's a nuisance to you.

You Don't Leave The House Every Day

People who leave the house each day for work often book their snow removal by paying for the entire season. This way, if it snows overnight, the driveway will often be clear by the time the homeowner has to leave for work. If you don't leave the house daily — perhaps because you're retired — you might not have a need to have the driveway cleared so quickly after a snowfall. In this scenario, you may find that it's more cost-effective to arrange for pay-per-visit snow removal. For example, if snow is in the forecast for the next three days and you don't plan to go out, you might arrange your snow removal to take place three days from now, rather than today, tomorrow, and the next day.

For more information about snow removal options, contact a professional.