Creating the Ideal Landscaping for Your Property

4 February 2020
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Your property's landscaping will be one of the most defining characteristics of it. However, it can take a lot of planning and work to ensure that the landscaping looks its best. When homeowners are currently planning to redo their landscaping, some basic design principles can make the process of designing the new landscaping far easier.

1. Test the Soil Before Creating Your Landscaping Design

Before beginning the design process for your new landscaping, the first step should be to conduct comprehensive testing of the soil. These tests are important for understanding the nutrients in the soil, its drainage, and the compactness of the soil. All of these characteristics will impact the ability of plants to grow and can guide your choice as to the specific plants that should be placed on the grounds. In some instances, problems with the soil may be corrected with fertilizers or other products. However, this can increase the maintenance needs of the property; many homeowners may wish to avoid this by choosing plants that are naturally compatible with the conditions found in their yard.

2. Consider the Amount of Water the Landscaping Will Require

Having beautiful landscaping can improve the appearance of your property. However, it can also put a strain on the environment and be costly due to the amount of water that it will require. For those that live in arid environments or other areas where droughts are common, this can be especially problematic. Fortunately, increasing attention has been given to reducing the amount of water that landscaping will require. Whether this is utilizing xeriscaping or installing highly-efficient irrigation systems, it can be possible to dramatically reduce the amount of water that your property needs while maintaining or even improving its overall appearance.

3. Keep the Landscaping Design Symmetrical

As you are creating the overall design for your landscaping project, it can be beneficial to value a symmetrical design. Individuals that are not familiar with designing the landscaping for a property can make the mistake of overloading one side of the property. This may make it harder to utilize this space while also giving the property a cramped appearance. By opting for a design that emphasizes symmetry as well as balanced spacing, it can be possible to achieve the look that you want for the property while preserving its functionality and minimizing wasted space. While it can be a challenge to balance these competing needs, landscape designers can help you create custom landscaping tailored to the needs and strengths of your property.