Are You Planning Your Landscaping For Next Spring And Summer?

26 September 2018
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Don't you think the fall and winter months are a perfect time to plan your landscaping for spring and summer of 2019? While the warm months are mostly behind you, you are probably still enjoying things like outdoor entertaining during the gorgeous autumn weather. However, you might also be thinking that the winter months will mean that you'll be spending a lot of time right inside your house. What could be a better time to put down on paper the things you'd like to do in the way of landscaping? From including a hardscape area for your patio to creating a focal point, here are some ideas that might help you.

Write It Down: While the weather is still nice, think of writing down the things that worked well for you during spring and summer of 2018. For example, you might have discovered that the caladiums you planted in pots fared much better than the ones you planted in the soil. If that's the case, write it down so you can duplicate it in 2019. Perhaps you missed having an outdoor patio. If so, consider adding one that includes patio hardscaping. For example, use brick or flagstone for the flooring of your patio hardscaping. Another idea is to use concrete which can be faux painted to look like Saltillo tile, an old-world cobblestone road, or pretty much anything else you want the floor to look like. Think of going through home and garden decorating magazines to get ideas for your landscape and hardscape. Write down the ideas you liked, cut out pictures, and place them all in an accordion file that you can use next year. You can contact local hardscape services for more information.

Create A Focal Point: As you looked through the home and garden decorating magazines, did you see things that could be used as the focal point to your hardscape patio or for the landscaped yard area? For example, perhaps a multi-layered water fountain would be perfect for the landscaped yard while a wall fountain might be great for the hardscaped patio area. Think of ways you can enhance the focal point you select. For example, if you decide on the multi-layered water fountain, consider surrounding it with clay pots of different shapes and sizes, and then filling them with flowering plants like bougainvillea and moss rose. If you chose a wall fountain for your patio hardscape, think of hanging decorative birdhouses close to it.