Enjoy Your Garden All Year Long

28 November 2017
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Do you remember the fun times you spent in your garden during the warm summer months? Spring and summer of 2018 will be here before you know it, so those happy summer days are ahead of you still. However, the fact that it might be freezing cold outside doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your garden during the winter, too. By being creative and having a spirit of childlike fun, your back yard can provide some pretty special times for you and those you enjoy spending time with. From buying a chimenea to arranging for lawn care services, here are some ideas that might help you to enjoy your garden all year long:

Prepare The Area - If you haven't done so already, think of using this time to make an evaluation of your backyard. Does the wrought iron garden furniture need to be repainted? Do you need to buy new seat cushions? Do you need to put away plants that might freeze? Consider hiring a lawn care service that will prepare the ground for spring planting. The lawn service can also detect whether your grass needs to be reseeded or replaced. The workers will have the experience and the training to know exactly what kind of ground cover will be best for your backyard, and they'll also schedule return visits to make sure that the lawn is well maintained.

Be Bold - Okay, so maybe you'll have snow, and you and yours can build a snowman and have snowball fights right in your backyard. However, even if you don't have snow, you can have some pretty important fun during a cold day. Invite your friends and family members to an outdoor activity. Let them know ahead of time that the event will be outdoors so they can dress warmly. Then light a fire in a Mexican chimenea, and prepare for a delicious weenie roast with S'mores for dessert. Don't forget the hot chocolate, too. 

When spring arrives, be ready to use your backyard for entertaining again. Consider inviting children in your neighborhood to have a huge Easter egg hunt and have pretty picnic baskets full of things like fancy cookies and finger sandwiches for the adults and the children. Tell your guests to watch out for fun events ahead, starting in the summer and continuing in the autumn months. You'll for sure be known as the funniest person in your neighborhood, and you'll more than likely be having as much fun as any of your guests. 

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