How to Make Your Lawn Look Even Better

13 September 2017
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Do you have the freshest, healthiest, greenest grass on the whole block? Does your lawn put all others to shame? Why not make it even better!? There are quite a few great ways to make your lawn look even more dynamic. Here are a few tips for a better looking lawn. Best of all, these tips don't require changing anything about your actual lawn.

Frame Your Lawn With Foundation Plants

The term "foundation plant" is usually used to refer to plants that are placed in front of the exposed concrete foundation of a building. But foundation plants can look great in front of fences and walls too. Basically, a well-chosen foundation plant can frame your lawn and make it look much more cohesive.

There are a number of popular foundation plants. Evergreens are traditionally the most popular because they are low maintenance. For instance, a boxwood looks great because it is thick, green, and easy to shape. This is important for foundation plants because they are usually against a wall, so they need to be easy to trim.

Add Some Flowers for Color

You make the framing of your lawn with foundation plants even more dynamic by supplementing them with a lower level of flowers. This tiered style look especially great when the flowers are colorful. You will have the green plants, then the colorful flowers, and then the green lawn. With the flower beds on the ground, right next to the lawn and in front of the larger plants, they will be easy to take care of.

Hardscaping Can Add a Lot to your Lawn

The design of your hardscaping can have a hug effect on the look of your lawn. For instance, a dirty, corroding concrete walkway through the center of your lawn can detract from the green of the grass. Hardscaping upgrades can be expensive, but they might be well worth it if you are trying to increase the curb appeal and value of your property.

Protect and Frame Your Lawn with A Fence

A small picket fence is a another great way to frame your lawn. Even a small fence can also protect your lawn, especially in the front yard. With fewer people and pets trampling your beautiful grass, it will be that much easier to keep it looking great.

You can definitely make your lawn the centerpiece of your landscaping if you tastefully frame it with hardscaping, fences, flowers, and/or foundation plants. Talk to a lawn care professional in your area to learn more.