The Best Automation Solutions For Modern Irrigation Installation

23 May 2017
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Today, automation can be found inside homes for things like lighting, HVAC, and home appliances. There are also many ways to make your life easier with automation outside your home for things like sprinkler systems. Today, modern controls are a lot more than just a simple timer; they can gather data and choose the best watering schedule for landscaping designs. Here are some of the best automation solutions for your sprinkler system:

1. Manifolds That Allow Different Landscaping Irrigation Zones

If you want to efficiently water different areas of your landscaping, creating zones is the ideal way to do it. Contact a sprinkler installation service and talk with them about installing a manifold that controls different zones of irrigation lines separately. The controller will water different zones according to the settings. This can allow you to use less water in areas with shade or where there are draught-tolerant plants. Some plants may need watering more often, while others may need less frequent irrigation, and zoned irrigation will allow you to water different areas according to these different watering needs.

2. Network Connected Controls That Gather Weather Data for Better Watering

Network connected controls will give you many tools and information to efficiently water your landscaping. First, an irrigation control system that is connected to the Internet will allow you to collect important data like weather forecasts and rainfall totals. This information can then be used by the system to automatically determine the best watering schedule for irrigation systems and sprinklers. Network connected systems can also be good for larger systems with more than one controller for different zones. You may have one controller for backyard watering, and another in a different location for front yard irrigation; the two separate controllers can be connected across a local network.  

3. Weather Stations That Provide Information About Your Landscaping and Plants

The weather changes and general forecasts cover a broad area. Sometimes, slight differences in location, mean that the micro-climate where you live has different weather; it may be the rainfall totals, drought conditions and forecasts. Weather stations are a good way to get micro-climate data for your landscaping irrigation needs. The weather station can be connected to the controller to provide intelligent data, as well as share the data on local networks or across the Internet.

These are some of the best automation solutions that you will want to consider for your landscaping irrigation. Contact an agriculture product service, like Bio Feed, to get what you need to improve irrigation systems.