How to Use Native Plants to Add Colors & Textures to Professional Landscape Designs

18 May 2017
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With unpredictable weather, water supplies running low and watering restrictions, landscaping design is important. Plants that use less water will thrive and ensure your landscaping looks great, even during the harshest weather. Native plants are ideal for a hardier landscape design, because they are adapted to harsh weather conditions. Combining the right native plants for professional looking landscaping design can be challenging. Here are some ideas that will help you give your landscaping texture and color with native plants:

1. Azaleas and Other Flowering Shrubs to Add Color  

Choosing shrubs to add color is something that you will find a lot of options for. Azaleas are a popular landscaping shrub that have beautiful flowers in spring, and they are native to North America. Mountain laurels are another shrub that can be planted in landscaping design and provide broad cover under mostly shaded areas, such as beneath hardwood trees with broad canopies. Laurels will provide beautiful, fragrant flowers during the summer months.

2. American Grape Species for Vine Cover Over Structures

If you have structures like arbors, vines will provide valuable shade. American grape species are a good choice to add shade in sunny areas of gardens during the summer months. The muscadines are a hardy vine with grape-like fruits that grow naturally throughout North America. These plants can be cultivated to cover structures and provide shade in areas with full sun. There are also colorful native vines like the crossvine and passionflower that make groundcover colorful.

3. Native Flowering Trees for Attractive Spring Blooms

The spring is a time when flowers begin to bloom, and the first flowers to bud are those on trees. If you want to have colorful landscaping with native trees, consider dogwoods or birch species for smaller flowering trees that fit in with landscaping designs around homes. Eastern redbuds and Magnolias are other flowering trees that make for good choices to add colorful flowering trees to your landscaping design.

4. Evergreens for Privacy & Hardwoods for Shade

If you want to add privacy to your home, you will want to use native plants like hemlock. Other native evergreens are also good for creating greenscreens to add privacy to your home. Trees like hardwoods, such as oak and hickory species are ideal for adding shade to keep your home cool during the summer months. Other tree species for shade cover include ash, maple and elm.

With the right native plants, your landscaping will look great and survive harsh summer droughts and extreme climate conditions. Contact a landscaping service through resources like and talk with them about adding paving stones to accent the native plant life in your garden design.