Turn Your Home Into A Playhouse

29 April 2017
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Your children may be a big inspiration when you are choosing real estate. Whether you choose to build a new home from scratch or look at existing real estate, you might want to keep in mind the features that you could add to make your kids' dreams come true. Consider these ways to make your home into a playhouse for your kids.

Using a Finished Basement as a Play Area

A finished basement will be a great bonus when you have children. That space may not be an area where you want to bring guests, but it is a good space to devote to your child's toys. Having the basement finished is important to protect your child from plumbing and electrical components that are part of an unfinished basement. Waterproofing is an excellent idea for basement restoration, especially if you plan to store expensive toys or gaming systems in that area. Your child would be devastated to find that all of their toys were destroyed by a basement flood.

Install Slides to Connect Levels

Here's a fun idea: why not install a slide that can connect your main floor to the upper levels of your home? Stairs can be tedious for smaller children that don't have the leg span to easily climb the stairs. A slide is a great way to make your home more accessible to children while adding a fun element.

Have a Pool Installed

Pools are great for the whole family. On a hot day, the whole family can spend time together while getting some exercise and having fun. If a home that you are looking at doesn't already have a pool, just make sure there is a large enough yard space that is usable for a pool. For example, there shouldn't be a septic drain field under the area, because that ground cannot support a heavy object like a pool. Chlorine can kill grass, so make sure you have a lawn care company advise you on your pool layout. 

Have a Big Backyard

Your backyard is a great spot for children to play. But just be sure that you have adequate fencing so that you have plenty of privacy and no one can get in or out while you are not paying 100% attention.

Aside from the right fencing, correct landscaping plays a role in making a backyard safe and livable. Plan to invest in frequent lawn care. A lawn specialist will remove fallen tree limbs and other debris that could be hazardous to children playing. And neatly trimmed grass makes it easier to see any potential obstructions or changes in the ground's evenness.

These tips will get you start in thinking about how you can make your new home a place that your kids will love. Getting estimates for adding slides, pools, and other design features from a contractor is a good idea if you have a budget that you need to stick to in your real estate search. Visit a site like kendalllawnscapes.com for more outdoor ideas.