Create A Fire Pit With Multi-Colored Bricks

16 April 2017
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Multi-colored bricks can be used to create a fire pit that will complement the property surrounding it and that will provide you with a convenient way to prepare food while outside. A fire pit can also be used to warm up on cool evenings when you would like to spend time gazing at the stars or enjoying peace and solitude. The following steps will teach you how to install a fire pit with some basic landscaping materials and tools. 


  • ground spray paint
  • measuring tape
  • rake
  • lawn and garden tiller
  • shovel
  • hoe
  • multi-colored bricks
  • cement
  • paint brush
  • kindling
  • fire starting tool
  • grill grate
  • patio furniture
  • bucket of water 
  • garden hose

Remove Debris And Sod And Install The First Row Of Bricks

After deciding upon how large you would like the fire pit to be, select an area outdoors that is level. Use a measuring tape and ground spray paint to mark an outline for the pit. Eliminate debris from the center of the outline with a rake. Move a lawn and garden tiller across sod and weeds to loosen them. Use a large shovel to pick up loosened materials and remove them from the marked portion of the ground. Decide upon a color scheme for the fire pit. If you have purchased bricks that are several different colors, they can be lined up to form a pattern.

Use a hoe to create a shallow indentation in the painted portion of the ground. Insert a brick in one of the corners of the trench and press against the top of the brick firmly until it is stable. Select a brick to attach to it and use a paintbrush to apply a coat of cement to the side of the brick that will be secured to the initial one. Continue attaching bricks in this manner until you have installed the first row of the fire pit. Allow plenty of time for the cement to dry.

Add Remaining Bricks And Patio Furniture

For subsequent rows of bricks, apply an even coat of cement to the sides of bricks that will touch other bricks. Press each brick firmly into place until it adheres. Allow plenty of time for each row of bricks to dry before installing a new row. Once the fire pit is the desired height, place kindling in the center of the pit and use a fire starting tool to light the kindling. Place a grill grate on top of the fire pit. Arrange patio furniture around the pit. Once you have finished using the pit for the evening, douse the flames with a bucket of water or hose. 

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