What Could Go Wrong With Mulching?

29 March 2017
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Mulching is an important part of lawn care, but many homeowners leave it out of their regimen. Without mulching, your soil could be missing the nutrients that it need to nourish your trees, plants, and flowers. If you are planning to start using mulch, you need to understand what mistakes could result in your lawn not receiving the full benefits of it.  

Using the Wrong Amount of Mulch

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that heaping on a lot of mulch or thinly spreading it is enough to see the benefits from it. However, if you apply the wrong amount, weeds might still grow and the moisture in your soil might not be retained.  

Ideally, you should apply two to three inches of mulches to your beds a couple of times a year. The layers will be enough to keep the soil cool so that it does not dry out and it will also keep away the oxygen that is needed for the weeds to grow.  

Placing Mulch Near Your Home

The area immediately surrounding your home can be vulnerable to insects. Mulch can sometimes be an attraction to certain insects, such as termites. If you have wood siding combined with the mulch, you are only asking for trouble.  

To avoid a termite infestation, avoid placing the mulch within three to four inches away from your home. If possible, try not to use it within a foot of your home's exterior. Once you place the mulch, be sure to perform periodic inspections of the exterior to ensure there is not a termite problem developing. 

Using Free Municipal Mulch

As part of their conservation efforts, a lot of cities offer free mulch to residents. Although the idea of free mulch might be appealing, it could be bad for your lawn. The mulch from the city is usually not composted. As a result, there is a possibility that there are harmful chemicals in it. You could even be bringing home insects that will damage your lawn and home.  

If you are trying to avoid processed mulch, you can find organic options at your local greenhouse. Be sure the mulch has been composed so that it provides the protection your soil needs and not robs it of its nutrients.  

Talk to your landscaper about other ways you can make sure you are mulching properly. Your landscaper can also help find other ways to improve the quality of your lawn. For more information, visit sites like ExceLawnService.com.