Want Substantial Change To Your Landscape? Keep Pollen Allergies In Mind When Making Plans

1 March 2017
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Working on your landscape gives you an excellent opportunity to shape the land in the way you want, but you have to be careful about certain changes or additions when you have medical-related concerns. If you or someone in your family has a major pollen allergy, you want to make it easier to live in your home. It is possible to improve your landscape with this in mind by hiring a professional for planning and execution.

Invest in Routine Service

One of the first things that you will want to prioritize is consistent service. Pollen buildup is going to happen regardless of the changes that you make to your landscape. This is because other homes and the neighborhood's public landscaping will likely bring pollen to your yard, even if it is in small amounts. But, getting routine service from landscapers will minimize how much pollen sits on the landscape. Picking up dead leaves, removing overhanging branches, and mowing the lawn can help to lessen pollen allergies.

Plant the Right Trees

If your landscape already has trees, you may be enticed to remove them and plant new ones because they could be bringing all sorts of pollen into the home and around the area. If there are no trees, then it makes sense that you would want to add some beauty through verticality to your landscape. It is a smart idea to consider low-pollen trees such as the Box elder, English holly, or Narrowleaf ash for the best results. You can also work with a landscaper to find low-pollen trees that are also native to your area.

Get Strategic with Location

Do not underestimate the importance of positioning in your backyard. For instance, you may have several trees that do not generate much pollen, but if they are located in a certain area, all the pollen could make its way into your home through the doors and windows that you open on a regular basis. It is ideal when trees are planted in a way that allows the wind to carry pollen in the opposite direction of the home. At the very least, you want the wind to push the pollen past the sides of the house to avoid pollen issues.

Getting carpet cleaning during pollen season is an effective way to minimize pollen buildup in the home, but making adjustments to the landscape will have a lasting impact while also beautifying the yard.