Do You Live In A Temperate Climate? 5 Perfect Perennial Plants For Your Yard

24 August 2015
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It can be tough living in a temperate climate. Although generally considered a place where "moderate" temperatures dominate, this can often times mean hot summers and cold winters. This fluctuating set of temperatures can cause for some strange gardening tics. In these climates, perennial plants are your best friends. Perennial plants are any plant that can live more than 2 years, which means that they're tough, long lasting and, many times, very beautiful to look at. This brief article will give you a taste of 5 perfect perennial plants for your yard if you live in a temperate climate.

New York Ironweed

The New York Ironweed is not just a name. The plant garnered its name from the fact that it is incredibly resilient. However, its resilience is second only to its beauty. Each one of its branches can bear anywhere from 30 – 50 beautiful violet blossoms. They tend to bloom in late June or early July and will last until October. However, its main attraction for your yard is that it draws in the presence of butterflies. Butterflies simply love the nectar of the New York Ironweed and their presence can add another layer of beauty to your yard garden.

Garden Phlox

A garden phlox's branches are incredibly resilient to the presence of strong winds and can brave the temperatures that often occur during the cold months of temperate climates. It is also a plant that is not particularly picky about the soil that it is planted in and can often times survive even in frozen soil. It is also a particularly stunning plant. You can find its blossoms in various colors, including snow white, a steely violet and a particularly shocking pink. It is important, however, that the plant receives plenty of sunlight.


Although it has a very soft, almost delicate appearance, the yarrow is anything but that. The yarrow can survive in some very harsh circumstances, including both the heat and cold, of which temperate climates provide both. The yarrow's flowers look almost like a delicate lace dangling off of its branches and you can find them in a variety of colors, such as gold, yellow, white and pink. It can survive in harsh soil conditions and is known for its aromatic fragrance. This plant does, however, require an ample amount of sunlight.


Again, the astilbe is a very thorough going, sturdy and stout plant that needs little in care to survive. It is one of the most independent plants that you can find that can truly flourish in a temperate environment. As a testament to its independent prowess, the astilbe is a plant that needs little water and very little sunlight to flourish. In fact, they tend to grow better in partially shaded areas. They come in a wide array of colors, but the color that tends to be the most common is the beautiful rusty red.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are a plant that, like the astilbe, can flourish quite nicely in the shade. It also comes in a wide array of colored flowers, but the true draw for many people to coral bells is the fact that its foliage is absolutely stunning. Its foliage is multicolored, with the colors ranging from a husky bronze to a milky green. For those of you who are not a fan of the overly dramatic, coral bells come in a number of other shades as well that are far more subdued, but despite their subtlety, are just as striking and beautiful.

Although it can be difficult to grow plants in an area where the ground may freeze every winter, these perennials will change your mind about a beautiful garden being unable to exist in such areas. Contact a landscape designer for more information.