5 Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Fescue Lawn

10 October 2017
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Placing pumpkins and mums by your front door and stocking up on Halloween candy may be priorities in the fall, but preparing your lawn for the harsh winter temperatures is also important. Fescue grass does require some maintenance during this season that you should plan in advance for. Here are a few tips to follow this fall to ensure your fescue lawn is healthy and appealing for many years to come. Read More 

Patio Materials Options

27 September 2017
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A patio is one of the best things you can add if you want to enjoy your backyard more. Whether you use it to cookout, entertain, or just relax, it is an investment that will pay off in time well spent. When it comes to patios, you have several choices for materials. The following guide can help you pick the right one. Gravel Gravel is generally the least expensive option. You have a lot of choice when it comes to the type of gravel, but generally smooth varieties like pea gravel are preferred over those with sharp edges. Read More 

Add Low Maintenance Color To Your Yard With An Alpine Rock Garden

22 September 2017
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Adding an alpine rock garden to your yard's design is a great way to add beauty while reducing water use and installing a low maintenance landscape feature. So, how can you install your own colorful garden? Here's a quick guide to getting the job done easily: Look for a Sunny Spot Alpine gardens work well in nearly any climate because of their natural durability. But, in general, they love a lot of sun. Read More 

How to Make Your Lawn Look Even Better

13 September 2017
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Do you have the freshest, healthiest, greenest grass on the whole block? Does your lawn put all others to shame? Why not make it even better!? There are quite a few great ways to make your lawn look even more dynamic. Here are a few tips for a better looking lawn. Best of all, these tips don't require changing anything about your actual lawn. Frame Your Lawn With Foundation Plants Read More 

Storing Your Firewood Outdoors: Essential Tips For Success

29 August 2017
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Starting a fire in your own fireplace or wood-burning stove is so enjoyable. However, in order to have those warm and lovely fires, you need to store your firewood. If you'll be storing your firewood outdoors, here are some tips to make sure the wood stays in good shape and does not cause any other damage to your landscaping. Create a long stack. It's better to keep your wood in a long, low stack than in one tall, disorganized pile. Read More