Top Things To Know About Soil Stabilization Before A Construction Project

17 August 2022
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If you're hoping to work with a professional crew to have a construction project done, you might want to be educated about each step of the process. You might have been told by an engineer or contractor that soil stabilization is going to be needed, but you might not really know what soil stabilization is. A few of the things that you might want to know about soil stabilization and your construction project are outlined below.

It's Often Needed for Construction Projects

You might have been surprised to hear that soil stabilization was going to be needed for your construction project, but you should know that this really is not uncommon at all. Basically, soil stabilization is needed when soil is not really stable enough to do a good job of providing support for a structure that is being built. Soil stabilization is commonly needed when houses, commercial buildings, or industrial buildings are being constructed. However, it is also sometimes needed when roads, bridges, and more are being installed, too.

It's One of the First Things That Should Be Done

If soil stabilization is, in fact, needed for your construction project, it is one of the first things that needs to be done. For one thing, you probably don't want any type of building to happen on unstable soil. Additionally, you might want to have soil stabilization done before a lot of construction equipment is brought in, since the crew that is performing the soil stabilization will need room to work. The sooner that you arrange to have soil stabilization done, the sooner that it can be completed and the rest of your building project can begin.

It Can Be Done to Different Types of Soil

Soil stabilization can actually be done to lots of different types of soil, including clay, sand, dirt, and more. You probably do not have to have a different type of soil brought in for your building site; instead, you probably just need to have the soil that is already there stabilized.

Different Materials Are Used for Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is done with a few different types of material. Some examples of material that is commonly mixed in with soil for stabilization purposes are lime, fly ash, chlorides, and cement. A professional will assess the soil and the stabilization issues and will then determine which materials should be added so that the soil can be properly stabilized.