Faqs About Hiring A Lawn Care Service For The First Time

19 October 2020
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If you have always mowed and cared for your own lawn, the idea of hiring someone else to do this might sound a little strange at first. You have to trust the person you hire to take good care of your land and to make the right decisions. One way to start feeling a bit more comfortable with your decision to hire a professional lawn care service is to learn more about it. You can do that by reviewing the frequently asked questions below.

1. How much will lawn care cost?

Prices vary by region, and obviously, you will pay more to have a large lawn mowed than to have a small lawn mowed. On average, you can expect to pay about $25 - $50 a session for the average-sized, suburban lot. This is just for mowing.

2. How often will the lawn care service come?

This depends on your contract. Many lawn care and landscaping services aim to come every 5 days or so when the weather is warm and the grass is growing quickly. As the season goes on and the grass grows more slowly, they may space out their services to once a week, and then maybe every 2 weeks during the fall. If you think your lawn needs to be mowed more often than the lawn service is coming, you can just call them and ask for more frequent service.

3. Do you have to have additional services performed?

Most lawn mowing services also offer fertilization, aeration, lawn rolling, and a host of other services. They will typically let you know when they think your lawn can benefit from one of these services. You do not have to allow them to complete the service, but if they are recommending a certain service, then the service is probably beneficial for your lawn.

4. Are lawn care packages and subscriptions a good deal?

Some lawn care services give you the option of paying a once-a-year fee for total lawn care, rather than paying by the session. These packages do tend to be a good value, and they help ensure you get additional services, like fertilization and aeration, as needed and at the right times of year.

Handing over the reins and letting someone else care for your lawn can be a little intimidating if you're used to doing the work yourself. But remember — these people are professionals, and they'll take good care of you lawn.